6 Reasons Why I Love Buying Books

I have a confession. I broke my project 50 and bought some books. Surprisingly, I don't feel an ounce of shame, or regret. It went something like this

   photo tumblr_m6ew20xwGW1rziwwco1_400_zpse2a08b3b.gif

It has been about two months since I last bought a book, and I have read 12 off  tbr pile(of my own shelves) in those two months. So, I got to thinking what happened to the bad feelings that I should be having because I broke my project 50. I came up with 6 reasons why I love buying books and therefore the reasons why I don't feel bad for buying books.

1. When I buy books, I'm supporting authors and the publishing industry. The more authors sell, the more likely they get the opportunity to write more. The more books sell, the more that are made and continue to come out. I love being a part of the success of a book.

2. When I buy books, I'm supporting bookstores, both "big" and local. I have shopped at both "big" bookstores, mainly Barnes & Noble, as well some of my local bookstores (I've visited all the ones I can find around the region that I live). More than anything, I don't want bookstores to disappear - I love simply being in them (the smells, the people, the books that surround you and welcome you in). I have no problem buying books through them to see them continue to thrive, or at least survive.

3. When I buy books, I'm able to make the book my own. With my own books, I'm able to mark my favorite passages or moments(with sticky notes), and keep them in the book. While I take good care of my books, when they're my own, I don't worry so much about carrying them around in my purse, or carrying them with me around the house, as I tend to do.

4. When I buy books, I'm able to revisit the story whenever I would like. As I mentioned already, I like to mark my favorite moments or passages in a book with sticky notes. When I own the book, I can re-visit my favorite moments or quotes anytime I would like.

5. When I buy books, I'm instantly in a better mood and mindset. Books make me incredibly happy, to which, I'm sure you if you're reading this, you can relate:). The whole experience of buying books is always a pleasurable one to me. Going into the bookstore, browsing through the books, picking out one or two(maybe more if I'm lucky), buying them, and coming home to dive into them is something I would do every day if I could. Alternatively, buying books online has a similar feeling, but more so when you receive the books in the mail.

6. I buy books, simply because I love to. For all the reasons above and some I've probably even forgotten, it's a great joy to me when I get to buy books. If I could put all of my money towards books, I would. Unfortunantely that is something that is not going to happen. The only time I get to buy books are around holidays or my birthday when I get gift cards or money. Maybe part of my appreciation comes from only buying books a few times a year. Who knows. But what I do know is one of the best feelings to me is giving a book or books a good, loving home.

And some other reasons, best explained through these gifs...

 photo tumblr_mbhc30MDTZ1rd08rvo1_500_zps2eec7871.gif

 photo giphy1_zpsc47d796e.gif

 photo tumblr_m2zorrVe7q1qfqzs8o1_500_zpsf08f1a6a.gif

I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one that loves to buy books, what are your reasons for buying books? What good ones have you bought recently?


  1. I love your reasons for loving buying books! And I can definitely agree with all of them.
    Simply buying a book pretty much lifts my mood immediately. I love the feeling of supporting an author, and giving them money for their hard work. I love owning a book and putting it on my shelf. I love not feeling pressure to read the book right away, and I love the feeling that if I feel like revisiting it at any point in time - I can.
    Buying books is wonderful! Which is why I would never ban myself from buying them, or place any restrictions on my book buying. That would be like restricting my happiness!


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