My First Interview...with Myself.

Interview with Myself: Blogging Extravaganza

This post is part of the Get Up Offa That Slump: A Blogging Extravaganza, hosted by Rachel at Beauty and the Bookshelf. I'm so happy she created this topic as I've been in a blogging slump lately (or maybe just too busy) but the topics listed got me excited to write posts, so I decided to jump in. Today is day one, an interview with yourself. 

Here's mine:

Katie: So, what's your name?

Katie: Aurora according to my old high school Spanish teacher. But really its Katie. Same as yours, what a coincidence!

K: Hmm, I guess you kind of look like a Katie. So what are you currently reading?

Katie: Yeah, I've gotten that once or twice.. Umm well I'm actively reading A Gathering of Shadows by V.E. Schwab. But I've also been reading Wild Magic by Tamora Pierce and Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson.

K: That's three books your you normally read a few books at a time?

Katie: I am a polygamous reader...there I've said it. I've admitted it. I didn't used to be, but I am now, and honestly? I'm okay with it. I get to pick up whatever book I'm in the mood for. And I have more than one book to look forward to jumping back into.

K: Interesting. So what do you do when you're not reading?

Katie: Most of my time is taken up by my two little boys. Here, my youngest one would like to say something....nntdkj nv nicv. I think he was saying nice to meet you. He has quite a bit more to say to you since he's still trying to get the keyboard. He'll be six months in just a couple weeks. Now my older son has something he wants to say, or rather "wants to push the buttons"...iuytr\ttttttttttttt heilo. He wanted to say hello so I told him the letters to find. That uppercase "I" looks like a lowercase "l" hence hello with an "i". heilo! haha, he's 3 years old. He's smart, goofy, and also a threenager.

K: Did you intentionally avoid talking about yourself there?

Katie: uhhhh, no? Well, you see, I'm terrible about talking about myself. Also, the boys were asking for my attention there.

K: Okay..Let's try it this way, just answer these questions with what comes to your head.

Katie: um, okay. Let's do this!


Katie: Sorry. I'm ready.

K: What cd do you have in your cd player right now?

Katie: Adele - 25.

K: Last book you bought?

Katie: Thats a tie between Six of Crows and These Vicious Masks.

K: Favorite hobby?

Katie: Reading.

K: Obviously...haha, anything else?

Katie: Crafting, coloring and knitting.

K: Favorite tv show?

Katie: New Girl. The Shannara Chronicles was excellent, I'm already dying for season two.

K: What's the first thing you do when you wake up?

Katie: Open my eyes.

K: And thennnn...

Katie: Check on the boys. Then I MUST brush my teeth.

K: What's your drink of choice?

Katie: Sparkling water. It helps me drink more water throughout the day.

K: Favorite food?

Katie: Crab legs. Also cheese and fruit.

K: Okay let's do a couple bookish ones, since this is a book blog after all.

Katie: Okay, I'm ready.

K: Last five star read?

Katie: Me Before You! I saw the trailer and immediately had to pick up the book and read it.

K: Favorite book series?

Katie: That's not fair, next question please.

K: uh, you're just supposed to answer what first comes to your head.

Katie: I did. I was bombarded with all the ones I love.

K: Are you saying your books talk to you?

Katie: Sometime they do. Calling to me to read them. Or think of them.

K: hmm. Moving on, what did you check out from the library most recently?

Katie: The Girl From Everywhere by Heidi Heilig

K: I've heard good things about that one. Well I think that's all for today. Thank you for the interview.

Katie: Me too! I'm excited to read it. Oh, great! Thanks for interviewing me, this was fun!


  1. This was so funny, Katie!
    I loved AGOS and Furiously Happy! I hope you're enjoying them too.
    Glad your boys take an interest in your blogging ;) Heilo right back.
    I wanna get back to watching New Girl now. I miss it!
    Can't wait to see more of your extravaganza posts!

    1. I'm so happy it gave you a laugh!
      I am enjoying both so much!!!
      haha, me too! I'll let him know you said Heilo! (he said Good Morning right back!)
      I hope you get to watch New Girl sooooon! It's such a good show :)

  2. This was so cute! I hope it helps you get out of your blogging slump. :)

    I just finished the audiobook of Furiously Happy, so I'm looking forward to discussing both that and AGOS with you. I hope you have time to finish soon!

    I completely relate on the book polygamy. I realized this morning that I'm in the middle of three physical books and three audiobooks. xD

    1. Thank you! :) Me too!!

      Ah, yay!!!! I hope you liked the audiobook, I bet it was fun to hear the author tell her story that way. I really want to finish both Furiously Happy and AGOS soon. Though I don't want AGOS to end! (I think I owe you another update!)

      You're incredible! How do you choose which one to pick up at time? I know I'm a mood reader, so it depends on my mood, or what book pulled me in last. What about you? :)

    2. The audiobook is great, I definitely recommend it. The author's narration really brought the book to life. Yes, please send updates! I've been meaning to text you, but time keeps getting away from me.

      Haha, well, two of the books are buddy reads, so their reading schedules depend on other people. The other one is a re-read, so I read it in between the other two. One of the audiobooks is in German, so I only listen to it when I can concentrate fully. The other two are both in English. One I listen to when I can't pay attention as well and one is a re-read I listen to while falling asleep. :P

  3. I think we need to be friends! I loved your interview.

    Iʻm a pretty new book polygamist....but I donʻt mind. Iʻm currently reading two books. I could never do that before, but I guess along with mommy brain comes the gene that makes it easier to multitask as well?

    My daughter is 7 months old and she loooooves touching the keyboard, too. If she can touch it, sheʻs pretty sure that it belongs to her.

    Iʻm currently reading The Girl from Everywhere. Canʻt wait to see what you think of it!

    1. Hello, new friend!!!! and thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed! :)

      I think you might be on to something there. I never did read more than one book until I became a mom. And so far I've been able to keep them straight without mixing up books, no matter how many I'm reading.

      Haha! Yes! Those little fingers just want to get ahold of everything in sight, don't they ;)

      I hope you're enjoying it!!! I'm excited to get to it!

  4. I've heard a lot a lot a lot about Victoria's books and I just got them. I'm excited and wary to read them.

    I hope you love The Girl from Everywhere!!

    Fun interview!

    1. YAY! I'm very excited for you to try out Victoria's books! I know there's a lot of hype and hype is so intimidating. I really hope you love them. I loved them way more than I thought I would!
      Me too! I'm looking forward to diving into it!
      Thank you! :)

  5. I loved reading this fun interview! Your cat looks adorable! I like reading too (Well, Obviously! :) ) I've heard lots about The Shanara Chronicles but still haven't watched it! Have you read the books? Anyway, I love Crab Legs too! I really want to read ADSOM and The Girl From Everywhere!

    1. I'm really glad you enjoyed! Thank you! I wish she was my cat, she's my mom's though so I get to visit her often :) Reading is the BEST! I haven't read the books...I'm a little ashamed that I watched the show before reading the books, but the books started getting terrible reviews from people I trusted so I thought maybe if I watched and loved the show than I could read and hopefully love the books more. Crab legs are SO SO good, I don't get to eat them often but always love them! I really hope you get to read ADSOM soon and love it! It and AGOS are such AMAZING books! I haven't gotten to The Girl from Everywhere yet, but I really hope to soon!

  6. KITTY. And oh my gosh, polygamous reader, I LOVE THAT (I need it on, like, a button or something). I've been wanting to read ME BEFORE YOU because everybody's been talking about it for forever, but after that trailer I was finally just like, "I'M GOING TO READ IT," but I still haven't. I fear the tears, but it's also because I just haven't had TIME. And I really liked THE GIRL FROM EVERYWHERE; I hope you enjoy it!

    1. She's pretty stinking adorable, isn't she?! She's my mom's cat so I just get to visit her, and now she's bigger (Why can't they stay little forever?!), but still love that picture of her. HAHA, yes, it does need to be on a button, that's brilliant! Totally understand, I forced myself not to think about the tears that would likely come (and did). I hope when you read it, you end up liking it! Yay, I'm glad you liked TGFE, I can't wait to read it!


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