Planning a Fictional Trip

Blogging Extravaganza: Plan a Fictional Trip

This post is part of the Get Up Offa That Slump: A Blogging Extravaganza, hosted by Rachel at Beauty and the Bookshelf. I'm so happy she created this extravaganza as I've been in a blogging slump lately (or maybe just too busy) but the topics listed got me excited to write posts, so I decided to jump in. Today is Day Eight and the topic I chose is Planning a Fictional Trip. The prompt here is to talk about all the fictional places you would go with no budget to worry about.

First Stop | Forks, Washington & La Push Beach

I've been to both places before and I really fell in love with them. Forks was exactly what I pictured and La Push was even more beautiful than I thought. When we were there, we were on a bit of a time constraint, so I would love to go and explore the beach. I didn't know this until I got there, but La Push has three separate beaches and we only got to visit two of them. And we didn't get to do much hiking. I'd love to go back and do some hiking and then camp out on the beach (which we also saw some people doing). 

Second Stop | Red London

Victoria Schwab knows how to create a complex world that completely immerses you when you read it. I've been reading A Gathering of Shadows all month (and absolutely LOVING it) and I just want to visit the place I've been reading about. I want to see what Kell and Lila and Rhy all see. I want to experience the market. I want to see the river run red. I want to hear the language spoken aloud. And, of course, I would love to see some magic.

Third Stop | Tortall

Can I just hang out with Alanna for an afternoon? Also, Daine, too? I know I just met Daine, but I like her already. Alanna is such a fierce and awesome lady that I would love to just be around her for a day. I think I'd come away from that feeling like I could do anything I wanted to do. The world feels so magical when reading that it would feel incredible in real life (I imagine it would, at least :) ). 

Fourth Stop | The Institute 

I would love to take a tour of The Institute and see all the inner-workings of the Shadowhunter world. If I could visit the Institute when Tessa and Will and Jem were all there, then that would be even better. I'd love to see the magic, the runes and the practices of sword wielding. 

Fifth Stop | Diagon Alley, Hogsmeade, and Hogwarts 

This is the last Hoo-Rah of my trip. The biggest part. I want to see and visit pretty much EVERY single place in Harry Potter. I want to get a wand at Ollivanders. I want to see Weasles' Wizard Wheezes. I really want to have a butterbeer in the Hog's Head. And I want a grand tour of Hogwarts that hopefully includes the Room of Requirement. I want to see and experience alllll of the things in the Harry Potter world. 


  1. Sign me up for this trip! I want to go to Red London, Tortall (so happy this is on your list!), and everywhere in the Harry Potter world, too. I wouldn't mind going to Washington, either. Do you have pictures from your trip? It sounds beautiful.

    1. Please come with!! :D I had to include Tortall, especially when I thought about worlds that had really stuck with me and immersed me completely. I do have pictures! I'll have to stick them in an email to you, if you'd like!

    2. That would be great. :)


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