Ten Little Bookish Things That Make Me Happy.

I recently heard someone talking of some little things that make them happy. When I started to think about what little things that made me happy, I found a lot of them had to do with books. So I thought I'd share Ten Little Things That Make Me Happy (Bookish Edition).

Finishing A Book
To me, this is one of the best things ever. but can also be sad if I didn't want to book to end. For the most part, when I finish a book, I feel full, and happy. Like I just went on a beautiful adventure or a wonderful vacation.

Adding A Book To My Goodreads Shelves
There's nothing like discovering a new book and adding it to your shelves, whether to remember it for later or to start reading it.

Talking About Books
Talking about books literally makes my day. Especially when I connect with someone who had the same feelings/thoughts or is excited for the same book I am. 

Book Mail
Book mail is literally the best. It makes my entire week when I get a book in the mail! 

Walking Into A Bookstore
All the possibilities of new books that I could take home with me, or just look at and read a page or two! 

Someone Asking Me If I Have Any Book Recs
This is always a little scary for me..what if I recommend something they don't like? But I still love recommending, and especially being asked specifically to recommend a book, because I get to talk about the books I love.

Finding A New Ship that Ends Up Together
Nothing like finding a new couple that I want to end up together in the end so badly, and then they DO get together. One of the best feelings ever when I know my new fictional friends will end up with a happy ending of love. 

Buying A Book
I love buying books, either for myself or for other people. I love supporting something that I love. And especially love supporting the authors that write such amazing stories that I get the pleasure of enjoying.

Going To The Library
Walking into a place full of free books for the taking is a dream. I absolutely love going to the library. I can browse and peruse and pick out any book I want to take home with me, without paying a dime. I also love being surrounded by books, so I LOVE visiting the library and sitting in a comfy chair there to read a chapter or two. 

Starting A Book
Starting a new book is like starting a new adventure. Getting to know new characters and new worlds is something that doesn't happen everyday, but happens with every book. It makes me so happy to be beginning a new adventurous journey each time I crack open a book.

BONUS: The First Kiss
I couldn't forget this in the list!! When my new ship first kisses is often the best part of the book for me!

What Are Some Bookish Little Things That Make You Happy?