When Reading Accidentally Falls Off the Priority List

Reading has accidentally fallen off my priority list recently and I'm HATING this. Because. ALL I WANT TO DO IS READ. But there's taking care of the little guy, doing homework, housework, and well there's Halloween and my birthday just 3 days after that. In other words too many priorities that bump themselves up my list and knock reading down to a lower priority. BUT I MISS IT.

 photo scrubs imissyou_zpshrlnkyz7.gif

How can I remedy this situation? Well it's simply, really, I'll have Hermione tell you. 

 photo timeturner1_zpszfp4ejts.gif

Or maybe I can just catch a few pages when I can.

What are your tricks to sneak in some reading when life is just to busy?


  1. I have this issue all the time. Especially when it comes to balancing school and blogging, because, unfortunately, I have to prioritise the former. I normally slip reading into any journey I have, and, because I cook a lot, I read whenever I'm waiting for things to finish baking. :)

    I love your blog by the way!

  2. I'm sorry my response is so late! Reading while waiting for the timer to go off during dinner is a way I slip it in occasionally, too. Such a good use of that time :)

    Thank you! <333


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