Three Reasons Why I'm LOVIN' Fall This Year

Fall is finally here! My favorite season. Scarf weather! Coffee...hey, you, pumpkin spice, we meet again;)! Here's some other reasons I'm loving fall this year...

I found this new recipe, Bloomin' Baked Apples, on a blog called The Gunny Sack. It's simple and delicious. It's like a warm slice of apple pie and it's oh sooo good. Here's some pictures from when I made it last night:
Any good recipes you've tried this fall?

There's this beautiful tree in our back yard that's huge and so colorful. Our whole backyard is full of beautiful leaves and the site out our window is one of beautiful bright colors. 

Here's the view outside our window:

What's the most beautiful fall color area around you?

SOOOO MANY GOOD BOOKS COMING OUT THIS FALL! Afterworlds, Talon, Even in Paradise and Endgame: The Calling are just a few that I'm very excited for. Also excited for The Retribution of Mara Dyer!!! What books are you excited for this fall?