BookTubeAThon Wrap-Up.

The BookTubeAThon has ended :( and I didn't do as well as I planned to do. Which is a bummer, but life happened and I had some wonderful experiences in turn (more to come on that). Because this is a BookTubeAThon wrap up, so here's how my BookTubeAThon went.

Here's what I wanted to read:

What I ended up reading:

Finnikin of the Rock 
Saga Vol. 1
366 pages of Froi of the Exiles
129 pages of This Star Won't Go Out

Challenges I completed:
Only 2 :/
Read a book with pictures.
Read a book with red on the cover. 

So I didn't do very well in the end, but I had a great week of life and no regrets. Here's to the next readathon :D This week is the under-hyped readathon. So I'm planning to do some reading with that as well, but I'm keep my tbr completely open because I'm not sure what I want to read yet. But I know I'll finish up Froi of the Exiles. Are you guys participating in the UnderHyped Readathon?