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The BookTubeAThon is a readathon starting July 14th and ending July 20th. It's hosted by some wonderful booktubers - Ariel sets it all up and some other wonderful people are hosting during the week. Check out the official YouTube channel, BookTubeAThon or the official BookTubeAThon Twitter for more information. I love readathons so I'm going to be jumping in on this one!

There are 7 reading challenges and I'm ambitiously attempting to complete them all.

1. Read a book with pictures.
For this one I have chosen:

Saga Volume 1 by Brian K. Vaughan
I want to read this one sooo bad! I know I'll get to this one - I might even read the second and third volumes depending on how things go. 

2. Start and FINISH a complete series.
For this one I choose:

The Lumatere Chronicles by Melina Marchetta
Finnikin of the Rock
Froi of the Exiles
Quintana of Charyn

OKAY THIS IS WAY AMBITIOUS. Because these books have a pretty packin' page count. BUT I really want to read this series and I thought why not give it a go. I think I'm going to love it and that will help me devour it over the week, *crosses fingers. 

3. Read a book with red on the cover.
For this one, Finnikin of the Rock (shown above) counts because it has red on the cover and you can double up challenges!

4. Read a book someone else picks out for you.
For this one I gave my husband a stack of books and he choose this one:

What I Thought Was True by Huntley Fitzpatrick

I'm really excited he picked this one. I've been dying to read this one and other books keep coming ahead of it, so I am really hoping to fit this one in the week. BUT, I can also read one of the following books that will fulfill this challenge. 

5. Read a book from the genre you've read the least of this year.
For this one I choose something Nonfiction.

This Star Won't Go Out by Esther Earl.

This book is another I've been wanting to read. It has loads of pictures in it, so it will be a nice break from all the words I'll hopefully be consuming in the week. Bring on the feels.

6. Read and watch a book-to-movie adaptation.
For this one, the hubs helped me pick out:
Stardust by Neil Gaiman.

This book is on my list of ones to read this summer and what better time to read and watch the movie than during this read-a-thon. I had 3 different books to choose from for this one, and I couldn't decide so I went to my husband and this is the one he picked, therefore this book could also work for challenge #4 (Read a book someone else picks out for you).

7. Read a total of 7 books and/or an average of 300 pages per day.

TBR Recap:
Saga (160 pages)
Finnikin of the Rock (399 pages)
Froi of the Exiles (593 pages)
Quintana of Charyn (516 pages)
Stardust (248 pages)
This Star Won't Go Out (431 pages)
What I Thought Was True (407 pages)

If all these are read:
7 books
2,755 pages

Happy Reading! Let me know if you guys are participating, I'd love to hear what you're reading!


  1. Great choices! I am participating also and will be doing updates on my blog. So many people are planning on reading Saga which is weird because I have not heard of it before until now. Anyway I hope you enjoy all those books and I too have been wanting to read Stardust and This Star Won't Go Out.

    -Chioma @ Blue Books and Butterflies

    1. Thanks! I hope you are having a good reading week :D


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