Book Review | The Truth About Alice

Title: The Truth About Alice
Author: Jennifer Mathieu
Publication: June 3rd, 2014
Publisher: Roaring Brook Press (Macmillan)
Source: ARC from netgalley-Thanks Macmillan!

Rating: 4 out 5 stars

Synopsis: Everyone has a lot to say about Alice Franklin, and it's stopped mattering whether it's true. The rumors started at a party when Alice supposedly had sex with two guys in one night. When school starts everyone almost forgets about Alice until one of those guys, super-popular Brandon, dies in a car wreck that was allegedly all Alice's fault. Now the only friend she has is a boy who may be the other person who knows the truth, but is too afraid to admit it. 

Review: This book surprised me with how good it was! I wasn't sure if I was going to enjoy but, but I ended up liking this one a lot! So much, that I bought a copy for my sister for her upcoming birthday!

This story is told through four different perspectives - Elaine, one of the most popular girl's in school, Josh, a football player, Kelsie who is a former outcast, and Kurt who is a shy genius. The different perspectives added to the story for me, I thought it was really interesting to read the story through four differing perspectives. Not only did I get to see the story through their eyes, but I also got to see each of the characters stories as they tell them. There's more to this story than the truth about Alice. There's a story within each character. 

One of the first things I've heard about this book is that it deals with/addresses the issue of slut shaming. Before I read this book, I had an idea of what slut shaming was, but wasn't completely sure. So to clear up my thoughts and for those that didn't know what it means, slut shaming, as defined by Urban Dictionary(because they can define it better than I can:)), is "An unfortunate phenomenon in which people degrade or mock a woman because she enjoys having sex, has sex a lot, or may even just be rumored to participate in sexual activity." This book does in deal with and address slut shaming, in my opinion. I think it did it in a well-rounded way. 

I think this is one of the most realistic contemporaries that I have ever read. The characters were all flawed which made them real to me. The situations they were put in were realistic as well. Situations such as, slut shaming, which I think happens more often than we like to realize.  These realistic aspects of this novel makes me highly recommend it to who's interested in the issue of slut shaming or anyone in high school, like my younger sister who's turning 16 in a couple weeks! So I got her a copy of this book:)

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. I love the issues presented in the book, I love the realistic aspects of this book. I enjoyed reading from different perspectives and watching the characters grow both as individuals and together. I highly recommend this book to anyone that likes contemporary. This book will have you thinking, tearing up, and smiling, it's a story that well worth the afternoon you'll spend reading it. 

Have you read this one and if so, what did you think of it? Who was your favorite character or perspective? Have you read any books dealing with slut shaming?