A Bookish Game: Can You Guess What Book I Am?

Everybody loves games...right?! I was thinking that there are a serious lack of games with books in them. So I thought why not do a spin on the classic "Who Am I?" game to be a "What Book Am I?".

If you haven't played this game before, here is how it works: I give you 3 clues and you guess what book you think I'm talking about. To avoid revealing the answer too early, I have provided a link that will take you to the Goodreads page for the book. Alright let's get on with the game.

The 3 Clues:

My cover has an eye on it. 

My main character's name starts with a J.

I can be considered a paranormal dystopian book.

Can you guess what book I am?

Click Here to find out if you're right

What did you guess? Were you right? Feel free to give three clues to a book for me to guess in the comments!


  1. This is such a cute game :D And I definitely guessed Shatter Me! I really like that book, and want to own those gorgeous covers. The Australian covers are not so pretty, unfortunately. :(
    I am going to try and give you three clues for a book (be warned they might be terribly bad).
    1. Involves all kinds of supernatural creatures.
    2. Has a snarky love interest.
    3. Was recently made into a movie.
    I think they're kind of easy, haha! But scroll and you shall find the answer.
    City of Bones by Cassandra Clare ^.^

    1. Thank you for doing one for me! I didn't guess City of Bones, but I should have, once I scrolled down I did a *forehead slap. haha. I love Shatter Me too! I have the hardcover with the girl on it, so it's not as pretty as the eye one either. I'm glad you enjoyed this, I'm trying to think of some more :D


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