Divergent Movie Review

I went and saw Divergent this weekend and thought I'd share my thoughts on the movie and also hear your thoughts too! WARNING: This review contains HIDDEN Divergent spoilers.  You won't see the spoilers if you do not click the "Show/Hide" button below. 

Thoughts before going into the movie
I heard mixed reviews so I was a bit nervous. I reminded myself to keep an open mind as well as keep some low expectations for the movie. While I had heard negative reviews, I didn't want it to affect the way I viewed the movie. So I sat down with excitement and an open mind.
Side story: While waiting for the movie to start, a group of girls seated themselves behind me and started talking about the movie Gravity. Girl 1 asked Girl 2 to tell her exactly what happened in Gravity including spoilers. I intend on seeing this movie and of course, I didn't want to hear any spoilers. Since I was the one holding the seats, I couldn't get up and walk away. I was dying! She got about a quarter of the way through when some welcomed commercials started playing the theater. I have never been happier to hear commercials! With the commercials, I was able to tune out most of what she was saying. Have you ever overheard spoilers in a public place before?

Thoughts during the movie

Such great acting! I thought Shailene Woodley (Tris), Theo James (Four), Ansel Elgort (Caleb), Maggie Q (Tori) and Kate Winslet (Jeanine) were all brilliant and fit the characters just as I pictured them. There were a few characters that were good, but different than what I pictured them in my head. Christina, Will and Eric were all characters that I pictured differently. However, after seeing Eric played out, he was fantastic as Eric. I'm on the fence about Christina, but I wasn't disappointed.

The chemistry between Tris and Four was played out so well on screen. There was a strong chemistry connection between the two actors that was pretty steamy. Was I the only one that thought, based on the movie, that Will and Christina weren't even a couple? As I was watching, I didn't see any indications that Will and Christina were more than just friends with Tris.

I thought there was a little too much cinematography at moments. It was great world building, but I felt it was a little bit too much that it was taking away from the story for me. I felt certain moments took away from the seriousness of what was going on. Like when Tris goes in to take the test, what was with all the mirrors?

There were a few plot lines left out that I felt could have added to the story. There were also additional plot lines added that I was confused about. To avoid sharing spoilers with those that don't want to see them, I've hidden them. DO NOT click the button below if you don't want to see any Divergent spoilers.

Final Thoughts on the movie
I really enjoyed it! While it wasn't the best book to movie adaptation that I've seen, I still really liked the movie. The acting was fantastic. The world building was well done. I had a good time watching it and I will definitely buy it when it comes on blu ray. 

Do you plan to see Divergent? If you've seen it already, what did you think of it?