Book Review | Truth or Dare by Jacqueline Green

Title: Truth or Dare
Author: Jacqueline Green
Publication: May 14th, 2013
Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
Source: Won it off of Goodreads

Rating: 3 out 5 stars

Synopsis: When a simple round of truth or dare spins out of control, three girls find it's no longer a party game. It's do or die.

It all started on a whim: the game was a way for Tenley Reed to reclaim her popularity, a chance for perfect Caitlin "Angel" Thomas to prove she's more than her Harvard application. Loner Sydney Morgan wasn't even there; she was hiding behind her camera like usual. But when all three start receiving mysterious dares long after the party has ended, they're forced to play along - or risk exposing their darkest secrets.

How far will Tenley, Caitlin and Sydney go to keep the truth from the surfacing? And who's behind this twisted game?

Review: I haven't watched or read any of the Pretty Little Liars series, but this book reminded me of the premise and it sounded intriguing. This book revolves around a truth or dare game gone way too serious that people start to get hurt and serious events start to happen. It's hard to talk about this book without giving too much away, so please excuse the vagueness of this review.

I had a hard time relating to any of the characters. They were all annoying to me in some way or another. I felt that they all made stupid decisions and it seemed as though they all thought the world was about them which was a turn off. Not relating to characters made it difficult for me to get into the story.

I did however, like the storyline and the plot twists kept me intrigued and invested in what was going to happen next. I think that Green did a great job of interweaving the characters and completely blindsiding you with twists that you didn't see coming (and others that were predictable, but no less dramatic). 

I felt that this book could have been much shorter than it is. At nearly 400 pages, this book is quite big for the amount of action in it. I felt that parts of the story were dragging while I was waiting for the next event in the story. I heard that this book is going to be part of a trilogy and though this one ended on a small cliffhanger, I'm on the fence about continuing to read the series. 

Filled with drama and intrigue, this is an enjoyable read. While I didn't relate to any of the characters (normally if this happens, I can't even continue reading the book), I continued reading and was entertained with the many twists and turns that occur. I would recommend this one if you like mysteries or thrillers.

What are some great mystery/thriller YA books that you have read?