TTT (19): Books Set In A Small Town

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Top Ten Books Set in a Small Town


  1. In your email you ended by asking: "How do you guys feel about overhyped books? Do you ever get nervous about reading a book that has been recommended to you? Are there some books that you liked a lot more than you thought you would and never would have read the book without the hyp?" but I couldn't reply to that email address, so I'm leaving a comment here instead.

    I have ALWAYS had an aversion to ANYTHING that is being hyped, whether a book, a movie, or a new restaurant. I have not now, nor will I ever, read ANY of the "50 Gray Shades" or "Hungry Gamers" or "Sparkly Vampires" or any of those uber-popular books. I've never read a Harry Potter book, and I never will. I DID read a couple Lemony Snickets, but thought they were total nonsense, weird, bizarre, strange, odd, scary-creepy, and so on. Did. NOT. Like. Them.

    I've also never watched any of the "hit" TV shows with zombies, vamps, weres, or etc. I DO like ghosts, dinosaurs, aliens, NFL and Bigfoot, but that's because I believe those actually exist... but that's another story for another day.

    It's kind of like they say about preachers: the harder they pound the pulpit, the weaker their point is. I figure the more they hype a book, TV show or movie, the less likely I will enjoy it.

    And I'm far too old now to ever change my mind!


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