Monday Bookish Confessions #4

This week my confession is:

Sometimes, you just need a break...right? I do..but most of the time my breaks are unintentional. However, I still feel bad and guilty when I have one of these accidental reading breaks. 

Let me quickly explain why I am saying reading break instead of reading slump. I feel that it is natural for everyone to take a break from anything that they do. Everyone needs a break or you get burnt out on what you are doing. Therefore, I use the word break, because it's a healthy thing to occur

My reading breaks are usually short lived and not often, but they do occur. Typically I read every day; I try to read at least 100 pages a day. If I go a day without reading at all, my day just seems off. If I don't read in at least two consecutive days, I consider myself in a reading break. It seems this past week I've been in a reading break and I feel terrible about it! B-b-b-but why?

The books that I am currently reading are not bad books. Therefore the books are not to blame. I feel bad/guilty that I'm not giving these books the attention that they deserve. I also feel bad that I'm not reading books fast enough off of my never-ending tbr list.  I feel that I need to read, read, read so I can't finish books and read the next one. When I end up in a break, I am not accomplishing my list, but my list is still growing. 

I've been trying to accept that a reading break is natural. When I come back off of a break, I read a ton and it seems I almost make up for the lost reading. I am able to refresh myself on what I love about reading and diving myself into the stories. I'm looking forward to coming off this break soon! 

Wonderings: Do you guys have reading breaks or reading slumps? How long are they? What bumps you out of a reading break or reading slump? 


  1. Great post! Nice to see I'm not the only one who feels guilty whenever I take a reading break, haha. :)

  2. I try not to feel guilty :)

    At times , things come up, sometimes things in one's life dont allow you the time. No need to feel guilty from taking a break to reflect :)


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