Monday Bookish Confession #2

This week my confession is:

I love books of all shape and form. I have an ereader and I read ebooks just as well as physical books. Given a choice between an ebook and a physical book, I will most likely pick a physical book.

Why is that?
I think that there is an art in creating a book - especially the cover. While you can see the book on a screen, its not the same as holding the book and looking at it in person. The same as looking at a painting on the screen vs. looking at a painting in real life. I think that there is a lot of thought and work that goes into creating the book that can get lost when the book is just an ebook. I always love having a book with the fancy edges and you don't get that when you read an ebook. I love reading a book with pictures or designs in the books and that isn't the same when reading an ebook.  

Physical attractions to a physical book
I can smell the book - I know I'm not the only book sniffer that feels this way
I can turn the pages - I love turning a page to a new one
I can see my progress - I can see how much I've read and how much I have left
I love the feel of a book and holding it in my hands
I love the nostalgic feeling of books and the memories that they carry with them

What else?
I know there are programs out there that you can lend your ebooks, but what if the other person doesn't have an ereader or the same program? With a physical book, I can lend it to anyone and everyone. 
I love browsing the bookstores/libraries and picking up the books and deciding which ones I want to buy/borrow. I love the smell of the bookstores and libraries because they are filled with books. I love looking at the beautiful spines on my shelves. 

When will I prefer an ebook?
Obviously I will buy an ebook if that is the only format that it comes in. I will buy an ebook if the price is right, usually I typically don't pay over 3 dollars for an ebook because at that point I just prefer to have the physical book. You can find me buying a book or a few during those big ebook sales. Occasionally I will borrow an ebook through the library for the convenience, but I love going to the library so it's uncommon.

How do you feel about ebooks and physical books? Do you have more ebooks or physical books in your personal library? Do you prefer to buy ebooks or physical books? 


  1. I actually agree with you on this one although a kindle is really convenient for me since I travel a lot and my parents only allow me to bring one book.

    Love your confession!


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