15 Day Book Blogger Challenge - Day 8

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge | Good Books And Good Wine

The 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge is hosted by April over at Good Books and Good Wine. Today we are talking about 15 things that appeal to me on blogs.
  • Content - am I interested in what is being discussed?
  • Books - anything book-related appeals to me automatically
  • Variety - something different here and there is nice to see
  • Passion - reading someone's work that is as passionate as I am about books/reading is always fun
  • Genuine - I haven't rarely run across a blog that hasn't been genuine but I will not subscribe to one that isn't.
  • New Ideas/Recommendations - I love reading blogs that help me to explore new things
  • Creativity - Those creative posts are always fun to read.
  • Credibility - Does the blogger know what they are talking about
  • Hauls - There are a few memes out there regarding book hauls, but they are my favorite memes. I love seeing what people might be reading next or what books they added to their libraries.
  • Humor - I love laughing out loud or smiling at something someone wrote.
  • Unique voices - It really fun to read different blogs with different voices and get to know a blogger's personality through their blog.
  • Appealing format - When I come across a great designed blog, it draws me into the posts automatically.
  • Easy buttons to subscribe - This way I know that I am subscribing to the right blog.
  • Organization - It's nice to see a well put-together blog with well put-together posts.
  • Some-what regular posting - I get that life happens and you can't post for a few days, but it really stinks when you love a blog and find that the posting is irregular and drastically spaced apart.

What are some blog qualities that appeal to you?


  1. Great list Katie, nice to have met you in this Book Blogger Challenge. I've been really enjoying reading everyone's post because I wouldn't mind taking all this on for my blog :)

    Day 8 Book Blogger Challenge


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