Thrifty Thursday!

Hi! I have been searching for some good book deals. Here are some great ebooks at some great prices:
Die For Me

Die For Me by Amy Plum


This one is about a girl and her sister who have recently become orphans. They are then shipped over to live with family in Paris, where she meets a boy who is something other than human. A paranormal romance set in Paris...looks good!


Unraveling by Elizabeth Norris


This book is about a girl who dies and wakes up to find a clock that is ticking down to the Earth's Destruction. She then tries to figure out how she can stop the countdown. This book sounds so good and I've heard many good things about it. I can't wait to read this one.


Destined by Jenna Pizzi


This book is about a girl that finds out that she is a gatekeeper between two worlds basically one that is "good" and one that is "evil". She is a part of both worlds and is trying to close the gate between the world. Closing the gate is a big task and one that will leave her conflicted not only about herself but conflicted about her love for two brothers on opposite sides of the gate. This one sounds interesting and for a dollar it seems worth the risk.

I also wanted to share something with you guys. I recently went to a library book sale over the weekend. If you haven't been to a library book sale, I strongly encourage you to go to one. Library book sales often have donated books along with older library books that are for sale for cheap! The one I went to had books all under $1. I got four book for $3.50 (check back tomorrow to see what I got). If you want more information about where there may be a library book sale (and other book sales), check out

What deals have you guys found lately or what are some good books you found at a library sale?


  1. I love Die For Me! I haven't read any of those other books; I will have to check them out.


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